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We know that every woman is unique and we believe that they all deserve to communicate their style and personality, that is why Miss Garcia offers the possibility of expression through authentic, daring and elegant shoes that also provide an unparalleled experience of comfort and quality.

All our shoes are made with the best materials and purely handmade, thanks to that, each of our models is customizable, you can choose the color, heel height, skin type, etc. To achieve a truly unique product.



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Inspired by the singer Mara Barros this high heel, bring us the strength of her ar and the andaluza cost, throught a blue floral print combine with the blue skin. Handmade. Made in Spain.





Everything began in Asturias, with the desire of Elena Garcia to create something different in this city of metallurgical and metal-mechanic tradition; Introduce a new industry with a touch of art and fashion; Was the challenge of opening the first and only shoe factory in Corvera de Asturias, far from the cradle of Spanish footwear, which has not been an impediment to the successful development of this longed-for project.
Miss Garcia was born to fulfill the ideal of creating unique shoes, totally customized to the measure and preferences of each woman, in addition to the dream of humanizing again a work that, in an increasingly industrialized world, has become a fully mechanized process, Without the attention to detail that only a craftsman can offer to the creation of a shoe.

Our shoes are made entirely handmade by master shoemakers who work to obtain authentic jewelry in the form of a shoe.

Today, in addition to our online store where you can buy from any country; We have shops in Oviedo and Madrid, as well as a showroom in New York and Madrid.

Miss García has had the pleasure of shaping different celebrities, we have done dumbbells with designers, different media and stylists for events of great magnitude like red carpets, magazine shooting, among others, achieving incredible results.

The story of Miss Garcia is in short, a story of ideals achieved by hard work and tenacity, a story that continues to be written every day and in which the satisfaction of each client is our reason for being.